Jimmy Webb’s ‘MacArthur Park’ is one of THE great pop songs. A chart hit for Glen Campbell, everyone and anybody’s recorded it. We still love the Four Tops’ version and even Jimmy Webb makes a decent fist of the complex song. The greatest dance version though is without doubt Donna Summer’s but now that classic treatment has been updated by DJ SPEN and to help him deliver he’s drafted in TRACY HAMLIN on vocals.

The new version is the ultimate disco makeover and Ms H is in fine form offering one the year’s most powerful vocals. As you’d guess the cut comes in the usual plethora of remixes…. with Thommy Davis’ tweaks adding something a touch different, though still respecting the original!

Also available (the putative B side) is Tracy’s sultry ‘Take Me To Paris’… a Eurostar trip’s never sounded so appealing. The original mix is properly soulful, with just a hint of Hamlin style jazz. The mixers (DJ Oji amongst them) then grab the song and launch it right into house territory… maybe a little hectic for the purists but you pay your Euros and you take your you know what!

Both tunes in what seems like unlimited mixes are available now via Quantize Records!