Last month Geordie outfit SOULUTIONS, (essentially Louise Mehan and Steve Lee) treated us to some new music – a lovely, classic Brit soul mid-tempo groove…. ‘Stop What You’re Doing’. It brightened the dark days of that Autumn lockdown and the good news is that it heralded a new album which is all set to go from December 18th.

It seems that during the lockdowns Louise and Steve took stock of where they’ve come since 2014 when their now classic ‘Listen’ took off. They revisited some of their older work and began re-working it into new mixes to show how Steve in particular has developed as a producer and arranger over the past 6 years. The result is the new album, ‘Anthology’ – a cocktail of re-mixed older tunes and a couple of new ones.

Amongst the focus cuts is a new “Montana” mix of one of their best loved songs – ‘Philly Line’. It’s been extended to over 7 minutes and clearly takes its inspiration from Philly maestro Vince Montana. It’s a real treat. Others to grab the immediate attention are a Latin-flavoured re-edit of ‘I Know A Place’ and the new ‘I’m Needing Your Love’. They all show how much Steve has matured and diversified as a soul producer while Louise has evolved into a proper soul stylist, performing with emotion and conviction.

SOULUTIONS ‘Anthology’ will be available from December 18th from Soulutions’ own Festival Park web site