Prince fans will have fond memories of his 1980 ‘Sexy Dancer’ – an oft overlooked item in the Purple one’s closet! If you’re not familiar with it then you can get up close and personal with it as SHELDON SO GOODE resurrects the gem aided and abetted by DJ Spen and his Quantize team.

The new ‘Sexy Dancer’ comes in a plethora of mixes – seven at the last count! The original tweak is nearest to the sparse funk of the original but mixes from people like John Morales, Thommy Davis and Spen himself quite transform it. Right now we’re going with the Reelsoul mix – zippy, it offers some soulful changes and crazy keys and sax!

SHELDON SO GOODE; ‘ Sexy Dancer’ …. Quantize: Traxsource/Spotify next Friday – mainstream 2 weeks later