UK soul man CHRIS BALLIN is a supreme soul stylist with his own unique take on the genre that is pitched between the smooth sound of Luther Vandross and the grit of Anthony Hamilton. Chris is rightly known as a ballad specialist with songs like ‘Stay Away From You’ and ‘Give Me All Your Love’ mainstays in any Quiet Storm collector’s music library.

For his latest release, however, Mr B offers something a little different. His upcoming single is a sweet mid-tempo ‘Beautiful’. It rides in on an insistent guitar riff before Chris  delivers the song with all the soulful conviction we’ve come to expect from him. The song boasts a wonderful, melodic chorus hook and it’s set to become one of this summer’s ever present, laid-back anthems.

Chris tells us that he  wanted to do something a little  different, fresh and a tad more upbeat for the summer and on the evidence of his ‘Beautiful’, let’s hope he’s tempted to do more of these relaxed mid -tempo affairs as the year progresses.

Chris Ballin’s beautiful ‘Beautiful’ will be officially released on May 29th  and will be on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Music, Google Play, Spotify and all the other platforms that now out there. Recommended!