Top soul spinner RONNIE HEREL is a dab hand at making music too… remember his wonderful Dannis Winston vocalized ‘Another Way’? Big Ron’s latest offering is equally excellent – it’s his very special take on the classic Skipworth and Turner tune ‘Thinking About Your Love’.

Mr. H’s version was first aired via this year’s Quantize Miami Sampler, and it soon became a DJ mainstay in both the soul and soulful house arenas. The tune was so popular that Ronnie and his team commissioned 5 new mixes – one to suit every taste!

If you don’t know it, the original RH mix was built around an infectious bassline and featured on point vocal from Gary Poole. Now that’s joined by Instrumental and Dubwise mixes alongside DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remixes that are stuffed with classic house grooves to make you move wherever you are!

‘Thinking About Your Love’ – the remixes – out now via Quantize.