CORINNE QUINAJON is a new name to us. We believe that she hails from Hawaii  and began her music career as a child. We’re told that last year she released two singles – a bluesy/rocky ‘Crazy Bird’ and an electro pop ‘Home Now’.

Her latest offering is very different as Ms Quinajon dips her toe into soul waters with ‘Slow Jam’. The title gives away what the records sounds like – yep, slow and sultry with a rather twee spoken intro. The tune veers more towards the pop end of the soul spectrum but it has a certain charm.

Corinne says: “Although I wasn’t in love when I wrote this song, I have been deeply in love and it touched my spirit immensely. Someone once told me women are always sad when they’re not in love. Although I rejected this patriarchal statement, I think it may be true for me. When I don’t have that special love I do feel sad. Something feels wrong- something is missing. So I suppose there are many expressions in this piece- love, longing, sadness, and hope. All speaking from personal experience, and my own quiet desperations- Slow Jam is a story regarding the waves of love.” Now we know!

Corinne Quinajon’s ‘Slow Jam is out now via DWP Sounds.