SLIM (Marvin Scandrick) is the lead singer in US soul group 112, though from time to time he has dabbled with a solo career and it seems he’s furthering his solo ambitions with a new solo set pencilled in for a March release on Shanachie Records.

The album is still untitled but the label tell us that it’s the “official” follow up to his 2008 offering ‘Love’s Crazy’. Slim, himself, promises something special. He says: “I have been concentrating and listening to a lot of different music lately. I love country music. I do not want to make country music but I enjoy that the writers put a lot of time and effort into the lyrics. I also believe ladies still want romance.” Intriguing? We’ll wait and see and bring you a full review just as soon as have our copy!

In the meantime a diligent internet search will lead you to the lead single ‘Killin’ ‘Em Girl”‘