THE PARK AVENUE EXPERIENCE is a new Italian a jazz trio marshalled by Fabio Puglisi of Soul Basment fame. You proably have fond memories of their lovely 2018 album, ‘Oneness’- a mix of old school soul vibes, cool jazz flavours, gentle introspection and thoughtful, caring, lyrics.

Now Fabio changes emphasis a little with ‘Life Span’, Park Avenue Experience’s debut album. It’s an 8 track instrumental set that like ‘Oneness’ offers a variety of moods – jazz melding with the subtler end of hip-hop underpinned by smooth soul sensitivities. Hear that subtle blend at its best on the moody, shuffling opener ‘Getting Closer’ or the crystalline ‘Now Or Later’. ‘Love Knows No Limits’ moves the mood towards funk while if you want to chill, look no further than ‘Meifen Smiling To The Sky’ (no clues to “Meifen” by the way)

THE PARK AVENUE EXPERIENCE; ‘Life Span’ is out now.