Over the last month or so, STEVE OKONKSI (the classically trained keyboardist with the wonderful Durand Jones and the Indications) has been preparing the release of his own album…well not quite his “own”. The long player, Magnolia’ (released on February 24th, art work above)  will be credited to OKONSKI – a jazz trio featuring Steve alongside bassist Michael Isvara “Ish” Montgomery and Indications’ drummer and sometime vocalist, the always busy Aaron Frazer.

As an album taster, the trio have just released a second single from it…a very gentle, soothing ‘Song For My Sister’s Son’. Steve explains the tunes’ raison d’etre: “‘Song For My Sister’ was written for my sister’s son Otis who was born shortly before the recording sessions for this album. To me, the simple melody makes it feels like a lullaby, with calming moments of cascading piano lines over the constant ride cymbal and bass movement helping propel the song forward. I think it’s the most unique song on the record and evokes a happiness and calmness from front to back”

If you fancy a little  calm delivered via those cascading piano lines, the single’s good to stream now.