ALAN EVANS is a proper music multi-tasker. Instrumentalist /songwriter /studio engineer and producer, he works in all kinds of guises. He was the founding member of Soulive and 1/3 of the Alan Evans Trio. He’s also the  main man behind  funksters, Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers . Amongst his other projects is a band called 7 DAY WEEKEND who peddle a sound which they call “electrorganic”. Evans’ fellow “weekender” is  keyboardist Kris Yunker and their singles, ‘Mango Moonrise’ and ‘Lambok Sunrise’ and eponymous long payer drew praise from those who dig  chilled out, 60s and 70s film music with a soul undertow.

7 Day Weekend’s newest single is due for release on Fraidy 25th November and it’s a little different to the sounds on their earlier work. Their tune is ‘Show And Tell’(sorry, not the Al Wilson classic) which Evans  tells us is inspired by 70s electro disco – so not every soul lover’s cuppa and probably exacerbated by the presence of rapper Nephrok! who says, “There’s always been a challenge in the synchronicity between words and actions in the human experience. It transcends all aspects of life, but this particular song was inspired by a relationship I was in. The struggle of bringing into harmony thoughts and emotions while healing from traumas and managing impulses was life’s beautiful poetry.The title and hook came to me while I was scribbling lyrics and trying to write what I was feeling while my son was simultaneously asking me what to bring to school for show and tell”.

We’re told   that this ‘Show And Tell’ is the first release from 7 Day Weekend’s  upcoming album ‘Dream Fantastic’, due out with High Wire Records, a label imprint of Vintage League Music. It’s an intriguing sound – hinted at by the cover art work (above).