SHOW TYME (his spelling) is the musical alter ego of Trenton, New Jersey born LETHEL BROOKS. The son of musical parents, Lethel started playing drums in his local church before moving on to providing BVs for a bevy of R&B and hip hop acts… and it was one of those acts, Case, that conferred on young Mr B the nickname “Show Tyme” – and that’s the moniker he uses on his solo recordings – including the new, mighty fine long player, ‘Love Truth, which he’s currently promoting.

Not at all sure where ‘Love Truth’ was recorded but there’s a definite flavour of Southern soul about proceedings and it’s evident from the big, passionate vocals that our man might have left the church, but the church has never left him.

The album offers 14 generous tracks – mostly workmanlike, pleasing takes on the classic soul genre, but (and this is a BIG but!) there are three real standouts that rival any proper soul issued this year. First up there’s the beefy, brassy ‘Change My Life’ (shades of Tower of Power about the horn riffing); then there’s the lead single, ‘Come Home To Me’ – proper Southern soul testifying if you would plus a gorgeous hook; finally there’s the real gem that is ‘Take You Love Away” – this uses parts of Al Green’s ‘Love & Happiness’ and the effect is rather special.

Three great cuts on an album that, in truth, I’d say was a little overlong – take out the outro, the intro and the interludes and you have a great long player – with three very special tunes.