RAYMOND BARTON is a US indie soul entrepreneur who sees himself as a kind of Norman Connors music facilitator. That’s to say he likes to get performers together and help them blend their “soulful creative ideas“.

His latest offering is a solid, modern soul groove ‘The Way To Your Heart’ which features South African Soul Vocalist Nolo. Mr B says: “I am absolutely thrilled to present my next single and to have Nolo deliver. To me, Nolo is the truth! When I wrote this song, I wanted it to be from a man’s perspective. A man putting his cards on the table and hoping to be in that true love that they sing about on the radio. On this one I think I was locked into that 90’s vibe that the Whispers and Kashif would deliver.” And you know, he’s not too far off the mark there! See if you agree by investigating ‘The Way To Your Heart’ at you favourite streaming portal via Soul Imprint Records