Back in June we previewed a great track – ‘Sparkle’ – from the exotically named DIMITRIS and SULENE. Research revealed that that Dimitris (Dimopoulos) is a Greek born music multi tasker who has worked with people like Steve Gadd, Jeff Lorber, Nathan East and Don Grusin while Sulene is no less than Sulene Fleming lead singer with the Brand new Heavies… little wonder the track oozed class and soul!

Well, we’re now told that the duo’s album is readily available and is named for that sparkling ‘Sparkle’ cut. It’s a ten tracker with input from Dimitris’ old mate Jeff Lorber. A sneak preview – we’ve heard two cuts, ‘Electric Love’ and ‘Butterfly’ – reveals the promise of ‘Sparkle’ is delivered….. soulful vocals, proper songs, jazzy production – what more do you want?

DIMITRIS AND SULENE’S ‘Sparkle’ is out now on Splash Music