“They define themselves as musicians with no boundaries that give as much emphasis to their craftsmanship as musicians, as well as their commerciality as singers, entertainers and songwriter/producers. From here the enlightenment comes in the form of a trio called “The Illumination Experience”.

In plain English that means that ILLUMINATION EXPERIENCE are a UK soul trio with a nifty line in great dance grooves.

They debuted last year with ‘In To You’ but are now set to make even bigger waves with their latest outing ‘Get Down’. As the title suggests the track is a chugging slab of retro disco and as the band are marshalled by Byron Orme, you know we’re talking quality. The single’s final mix comes courtesy of Bluey and the Incognito crew so that the quality quotient’s been well cranked up.

‘Get Down’ from Illumination Experience is available now on BKO Records