One of the hottest UK soul albums so far this year is the luscious ‘Life, Love And Strings’ from music biz veteran DIANE SHAW. The lady’s been around the scene for over 20 years – working sessions and singing live bvs for visiting soul stars like Brenda Holloway.

Diane’s 14 track album has topped every credible UK soul chart and it’s easy to hear why. The music is a wonderfully nostalgic blend of retro and contemporary with the cover of Lulu’s ‘Leave A Little Love’ garnering most of the plaudits.

Old fans and those who’ve marvelled at Diane’s soulful tones via the new LP can catch the lady live at London’s Jazz Cafe on Friday 31st July. Diane shares the billing with girl group The Flirtations and we’re sure the nostalgia will flow thick and fast. Tickets are a mere £17.50 and you can find out more from the venue.

Watch out for a full review of Diane’s album here very soon.