Back in the spring we reported that the wonderful SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGS were all set to release their new album – ‘Give The People What They Want’. Then, we received the devastating news that Sharon had been diagnosed with cancer and – naturally – all musical plans were put on hold while Ms Jones received treatment and care.

The good news now is that her label, Daptone, have announced that after a successful operation, ongoing treatment, and the continued support and love of friends, family and fans, Sharon Jones is well and truly back and the album is on the release schedule again.

“The entire Daptone Family is overjoyed and inspired to see Sharon’s recovery,” says the Dap-King’s bassist and bandleader Bosco Mann. “Without a doubt, this new album is the greatest thing we’ve ever recorded and I’ve been anxious for the world to hear it. That moment when Sharon walks out to join us on stage again is going to be insane.”

‘Give the People What They Want’ will now be released on January 13th, 2014 on Daptone Records and there’ll be a full review here @ SJF just as soon as we get copies.