TYGRESSA (JONES) convinced with her summer EP ‘A Minute With You’. The big tune was the crisp and tight clipped beater, ‘Hey You’ – wonderfully infectious; while there was also a lovely ‘I Thought I Needed You’ which cleverly sampled Brenda Russell’s ‘If Only For One Night’ (most famously covered by dear Luther, of course). The EP also featured a Natalie Cole song – ‘Touch Me’. No surprise, Tygressa regularly tours with Natalie Cole tribute shows.

Right now Ms T is working her latest single, a catchy steppers’ tune, ‘Shake it For You’. It’s ultra-catchy and was self-written and produced by Terry ’20’ Poindexter. Like ‘Hey You’, it’s maddingly infectious and will only add to the lady’s growing reputation. Out now!