SHAILA PROSPERE’S been on the UK soul scene for a while now and her music always delivers  – little wonder that Ms P’s a well respected member of the UK soul fraternity. So, it’s great to announce that she’s working on a new album – it’ll be with us soon... November 3rd to be precise!

The lead single is the album’s title track – ‘Share Your Love, a delightful up-tempo, typically Brit soul groove. It’s totally contemporary but its roots are in Brit soul’s rich heritage. It’s a proper foot tapper/ head nodder.

However, the mark of great soul singer is how they handle the slower material  and Shaila’s team have allowed us a  preview of an emotion-tugging, ‘What You Need’. This will be one of the upcoming LP’s focus tracks and it augers really well for said album.

In the meantime, ‘Share Your Love’ is released November 3rd