Just when you thought it was safe… our fave NY cop is back… well almost. We all have a soft spot for John Shaft and who doesn’t love the mighty Isaac Hayes Oscar winning title tune? Well, veteran US DJ, producer and remixer JOE VENTURA for one.

Big Joe (CEO of Big Speaker music) kicks off his 2002 music odyssey with a big, banging tribute to the whole Shaft thing. Joe’s seven and a half minutes ‘Shaft Me’ in its Shut Your Mouth mix is loaded with playful drops, breakdowns, cut up samples, disco nostalgia, quirky twists and hefty beats – all owing something to Hayes’ masterpiece. It’s not actually a cover, let’s make that clear. It’s different, intriguing and, yes, exciting, it’s a great start to 2022!

‘Shaft Me (Shut Your Mouth Mix)’ will be released on Traxsource Exclusive January 7th / Full release January 22nd 2022 on BIG Speaker Music.