Over the last six months or so US West Coast band, THE SEXTONES have captivated the savvy soul world with their beguiling take on retro soul. We’ve enjoyed their versions of things like Jean Plum’s ‘Here I Go Again’, Papa Bear and his Cubs’ ‘You’re So Fine’ and  the Intruders’ ‘Cowboys To Girls’ and their original song ‘Better Late Than Never’. That one was released as a full album-heralding single. Sadly the album won’t be with us till September but we did get to have another album track released as a single. That was May’s uplifting ‘Without You’ and we’re now  told that the song is good to go on vinyl 7”. And the B side? Well it’s actually the upcoming album’s title track, ‘Love Can’t Be Borrowed’. It’s a wonderful slice of retro soul with Monophonics frontman Kelly Finnigan in the producer’s chair. Between them, Finnigan and the band deliver a real beauty that recalls the best of 60s harmony, uptown soul – melodic, harmonic and so, so catchy. My advance copy of the album (now under lock and key) reveals that the concise 10 tracker offers plenty more of the same.

And the band’s name? Well, the group are built around brothers Mark and Christopher Sexton who are joined by childhood friends Alexander Korostinsky and Daniel Weiss.