Here’s something of an oddity. Since the start of the year we’ve been enthusiastically tracking the progress of US band, THE SEXTONES. Their contemporary twist on 60s soul, revealed via series of acclaimed singles, has won ‘em plenty of plaudits and their upcoming (September) album, ‘Love Can’t Be Borrowed’, is eagerly anticipated.

Now those singles and indeed  the LP are down to Italian label, Record Kicks, but the Sextones are lining up a new vinyl single on the Colemine label. The tune, ‘Beck And Call’, is on the Record Kicks album but it seems that Colemine have licensed it. For your information, ‘Beck And Call’ is  the sweetest of sweet ballads with a falsetto lead, supported harmonies and sweeping strings. Quite lovely. The Colemine web site doesn’t as yet offer any real details, but various sales sites suggest that ‘Beck And Call’ is good to go digitally via Record Kicks rught now while the Colemine 7” will be released on or around 15th August with another album track, ‘Daydream’ (another lovely, harmony ballad) on the flip.