Over the last few years Australia has produced more and more quality soul and jazz (think the Bamboos, Lance Ferguson, Kylie Auldist et al). Now two antipodean indie labels – Plug Seven Records and Wondercore Island – have come together for a compilation that offers a sweeping and esoteric snapshot of what, shall we say, Australia’s more adventurous soul and jazz players can offer.

The compilation is called ‘Seven Wonders’ and it’s described as “soul, funk, house music, hip-hop, Ethio-jazz – pollinated with a uniquely Australian flavour.”

The 14 tracker certainly offers genre variety with perhaps the most accessible soul selections being ‘Sweet Water’ from Barney McAll and the crisp ‘Everything I Need’ from Daniel Merrieweather. Elsewhere most of the music is more complex, intriguing and experimental – the tune/song names will tell you that…. I mean ‘Custard Shoulder’, ‘Suki The Love Dog’, and ‘True Realm Of The Coin’? If you have adventurous ears you may wish to investigate!