2UNES is the working name of soul and jazz guitar man North Woodall .Our man’s been playing guitar since he was eleven and he’s ben recording as “2unes” since 2005. His signature sound ? Well, he sets out to blend R&B, hip-hop and soul into his own sweet cocktail.

See if he’s succeeded by investigating his latest  single, ‘Sensual’. The title gives you a  clue to the track’s sound. Yes, it’s a gentle acoustic tune that’s more of a caress that a groove. Written and  produced by Grammy nominee Chris “Big Dog” Davis, it’s meant to offer time out in this increasingly troubled world. Mr. Woodall says: “When I first heard the song, I knew in my heart that I had to perform it on acoustic guitar. And the first time I played it, sheer happiness fell over me when I played the very first note. The song embodies everything I stand for, and it gave me a glimpse of the world I would like to live in,” Out now!