Latest single from soulstress ANIA GARVEY is a contemporary soul dancer, ‘Save Me’. You’ll remember Ms Garvey from her lovely ‘Follow Me’ from last summer and her collaboration with John Carey on the cover of Bo Kirkland and Ruth Davis’ ‘You’re Gonna Get Next To Me’ .

Both showed that Ms G was a soul stylist worth watching and the new ‘Save Me’ adds weight to that conviction. It’s a tight, beater – perfect for the floor and it comes in two edits. The original features a rap intro from New York’s’ Metro Beatz while  for the soul conservatives  there’s a “no rap intro” mix though that one still  retains  the man’s dance calls towards the end but they’re properly organic to the tune!

This ‘Save Me’ is a good ‘un in both mixes and is out now!

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