SELIAH is a new UK soul singer who’s currently thinking about two careers. She has a real passion for music: “I live, sleep and breathe music, all I have ever wanted is to be a recording artist, I guess I drive my family and friends mad with my nonstop singing and song writing because I test the songs out on them, I even practice singing in the car and get some strange looks at traffic lights” she told us here at . But the lady’s also just completed her Master’s Degree and a teaching career could also beckon … that’s if the music doesn’t take off. Those, though, who’ve heard her debut single, are unanimous that the teaching will have to go on hold. The ultra-catchy single – ‘No Lies’, is a mid beat steppers’ tune, perfect for both the summer airwaves and the dance floor and with live experience supporting people like OMAR and SOUL II SOUL, it’s clear that SELIAH’S on her way. SELIAH’S ‘No Lies’ (produced by JOHN ROBINSON and mixed by 5AM) is available now via most download outlets.