Latest single  from SPLASH MUSIC (the label formed by David Ranalli and Julian Fontenell with assistance from a certain Bluey Maunick and Ravi Chindambaram) is a big contemporary soul sound, ‘Hidden Highs’ from a band simply known as ZAIMIE.

At the core of Zaimie are two experienced soul musos – Zaidi Kiggundu and Jamie McShane; so you see where the band’s name is coming from… ZAI…MIE! Simple.

The twosome began collaborating in  a series of demo sessions at Jamie’s studio in Scotland. Together, they laid down the foundation for their debut album, which they named ‘Fortuitous.’ This music, we ‘re told, fuses Funk, Jazz, and Soul with a contemporary touch. To bring their musical vision to life, the duo enlisted the help of top-notch musicians on horns, including Ewan Mains, Konrad Wisniewski, and James Steele and that horn section (as an ensemble and soloing) is  one of the most striking things about ‘Hidden Highs’ – nothing hidden about the brass here! Like we said, this is a B IG sound  and it’s out now via Splash with the album ‘Fortuitous’ due in July!