ELECTROPICAL is a music collective marshalled by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel ( the core of the Los Charly’s outfit). The team have been making music for over four years now  and one of the tracks from their the ‘Electropical 4’ collection has just won remix status from electronic fusion guru, Atjazz.

Tune in question is the floor-filling ‘Amazonas Secret Kingdom’. For this new edition Atjazz toughens up the beats and adds hand claps to accent the swirling Latin pecussion and the flute lead. The track features Brazilian flute & saxplayer, Marcelo Andrade and Colombian percussionist, Emeris Solis and the Electropical team are proud to see this release mark the consolidation of the British-Latin American connection at its best.

The ‘Amazonas Secret Kingdom’ Atjazz Remixes from Electropical are released digitally on Imagenes Recordings on April 29th.