S.E. L newie….


UK soul artist, Soulful Emma Louise – S.E.L. – impressed all and sundry with her last outing ‘Flowered Tears’. Indeed the track became something of a modern soul anthem –winning itself a coveted place on the legendary, annual ‘Soul Togetherness’ compilation.

For her follow-up, Emma Louise offers something quite different as she covers Des’ree’s ‘You Gotta Be’. Don’t know about you, but here at SJF we’ve always though the song rather dreary and in her original tweak S.E.L. doesn’t really manage to alter that melancholy!

The good news is that young S.E.L. has commissioned two special mixes from DJ Spen who had also worked on ‘Flowered Tears’. In his “SEL soul” mix he creates a more soulful ambience with tighter beats and a clearer direction while on the “Gotta” mix we enter soulful house territory. File under “interesting”.