SHORT SHARP SCRATCH is a Brighton-based music collective led by JAK CHANTLER – an award-winning guitarist who started his career in alt rock. His CV boasts a real diversity and, interestingly, during lockdown, he’s been collaborating with Jocelyn Brown and therein is a clue to a new musical direction for Short Sharp Scratch… yes, Jak and his team are moving towards a more soul-inspired approach – witnessed by their latest single, ‘Do You Like It’?

The tune is tough, tight and funky with shades of Prince and a little garnish of Nile Rodgers. The lead vocalist is Brighton songstress Aimee Montague who’s accompanied by Bobby Lamont. The cut also features Mo Pleasure on synths who is known for his work with Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Christine Aguilera. Chantler’s chunky guitar, of course, is high up in the mix too.

‘Do You Like It?’ will be available on streaming platforms on Friday 6th November.