Latest offering from the Preston Glass circle is a very catchy Philly-sounding throwback from an artist called TAKIM. Song in question is ‘Say It Like You Mean It’.

We’ve learned that Takim (Roberts) has been around music since the 80s when he became a part of the Los Angeles hip-hop scene. A decade or so later and our man found religion. Ordained a minister, he embraced gospel  working to, as he says “enrich the lives of everyone”.

His crusade came to the attention of Preston Glass and working with soul entrepreneur, David Nathan (of SoulMusic Records), they had Takim record the secular song  ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ – together crafting a very Spinners-flavoured sound.

We believe that the song is also featured on a Nathan compilation, ‘Philly Soul Select, Volume 2’ – but this ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ also stands alone as the first big contemporary soul single of 2022.