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Just a day or so after we posted about a delicious revival of a 60s femme soul classic – Fillies FInazz’s version of Brenda Holloway’s ‘When I’m Gone’, we’re being treated to new covers of three more 24 carat femme soul classics – right now, it seems like proper soul  fans are being spoiled!

This  time around these lovely covers come via MONICA ROCHA. Monica is a Latin vocalist who works in and around Southern California where, of course, the Low Rider culture is the musical order of the day. Thus she’s recorded three classic oldies that sit perfectly with the whole Chicano/Low Rider vibe.

Her offerings are versions of Barbara Lewis’ ‘Hello Stranger’, Mary Wels’ ’The One Who Really Loves You’ and Betty Wright’s ‘Tonight Is The Night’. Monica treats the songs with total respect and why not? Why meddle with things  of such simple beauty? What she does manage to do, though, is to imbue the songs with an almost naïve innocence that adds to the  charm of the songs – particularly on ‘Hello Stranger’ which is actually a  duet with Malik Mano. It’s  such a great song anyway and in most soul collectors’’ minds we can never have enough versions.

So how to  get hold of these three tasty covers? Well the awfully nice people over at LAST BASTION RECORDS have collected them together for release on a three track 7” EP which will be released at the  beginning of June. However, the release is limited to just 300 copies with no repress and we believe that pre-orders are being taken  now! You know what to do! By the way, this is the first time these three great tracks have  been out on vinyl. Learn more @