TOM MCGUIRE & THE BRASSHOLES are an 8-piece soul and funk band from Glasgow. We’re told that they first met up as buskers playing the mean streets of Scotland’s second city. That background explains why they’re such a big live draw. By all accounts, their live shows are barnstorming affairs and they’re looking forward to the reopening of the festival season.

Record wise, their first single. ‘Ric Flair’  was a  streaming success, and they now follow that up with the equally enigmatically titled ‘Oh Savanna’. It’s a big, tough, rough organic sound that betrays the band’s love of artists like the Meters and Dr John. They say that “the song lays out a story of losing one’s way over the course of a year, and mercifully finding it again. It’s a  song of hope and resilience, in a time when certainly a great many are feeling lost.”  So now you know… it’s out now!