By general consent, the best soul album of 2015 so far is ‘Look Closer’ by SAUN & STARR. The lovely 11 tracker is proper grown up soul music … you know, the stuff that we used to cherish. Saun & Starr, are, of course, Saundra Williams and Starr Duncan-Lowe …. the backing singers for Sharon Jones who dubbed the duo the Dapettes.

The album on good ‘ole Daptone Records is officially released on May 18th but in the meantime you can enjoy a great video on the girls. The short film features the album’s title cut, ‘Look Closer’, and the storyline sees the duo trying to score an audition at Daptone. It’s a humourous take on the process and the girls can’t get a look in against opposition from a Lenny Kravitz lookalike, a Lady Ga-Ga wannabe and a mariachi band! They eventually get in thanks to a timely intervention from Sharon Jones.

Shot at Daptone’s House of Soul studio in Brooklyn, the video features great performances from Jim Sheffield as the fictitious Mr Daptone and Charlie Hankin as the puny door man. Check out the video via YOUTUBE ( and you can grab a full album review and an exclusive interview with the girls through our archive.