New York’s SANDY BARBER is an underground soul heroine. Her cult reputation rests on her 1977 LP ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’. Produced by veteran Clyde Otis, it didn’t do too much till the collectors picked up on a wonderful dance tune called ‘I Think I’ll Do Some Stepping On My Own’ and, then, of course, copies of the album (those that people could find) started to change hands for big bucks.

The album was reissued back in 2011 on bbe Records and ‘Stepping’ still sounded good as did the new mixes of it commissioned for the reissue. Well, THAT tune refuses to go away… demand is such that a brand new remix has been released, this time courtesy of Scandinavian master Opolopo. Mr O (Peter Major) doesn’t’ make too many radical changes… that loping bass line was always there and he retains all the soulfulness of Ms Barber’s vocal. It’s as all good remixes should be… respectful to the original. Find out more about the new mix @