South Carolina’s SAMUEL D SANDERS won lots of friends with his debut single…. ‘Make You Mine’. Released on DSG Records, the catchy, Philly-flavoured tune scaled the heights on all the credible soul charts and heralded the emergence of a very real new talent.

Next month, DSG will be releasing the much-anticipated follow up to ‘Make You Mine’. The “new” song is called ‘Thinking Out Loud’ (a brave cover of the ED Sheeran song) and though different in tempo to ‘Make You Mine’ it retains all the quality and passion of that particular tune.

In its original Sanders’ format, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ is a moody, gospel tinged number fronted by some good old school, store front church piano, but it’s the Nigel Lowis remix that, we’re guessing, will win the hearts of the modern soul community. Lowis, of course, is a big fan of the classic Philly sound and his remix channels everything that was good about the ballads that came out of Sigma Sound courtesy of Gamble, Huff, Bobby Martin, Dexter Wansell and the rest of the team.

SAMUEL D SANDERS’ ‘Thinking Out Loud’ will be released on the 22nd June on DSG Music…