One of this year’s biggest Soul tunes was Neo’s ‘Your Smile’. Neo, it was revealed was the working name of French composer and pianist Stephane d’Esposito and to make his tune work he drafted in Texan soul man RUDI WILBURN for the vocal. It’s Rudi’s warm, Barry White inspired tones that made the tune (that he also co-wrote!) so, so special.

Rudi’s now based in Geneva and he’s just released a new single… another catchy soul item, ‘You Are Love’. The recording’s a collaboration with the ubiquitous mixer/producer Nigel Lowis (that man’s been everywhere this year!)

The main mix is sure to win a warm reception from the modern soul crowd but if you know Lowis you know he can’t leave things be… yep, he’s sorted a very special re-mix…. “The Satin Soul Mix”. Nigel has used the soundscape of master producer/arranger Gene Page as his template and the result is a smooth, sexy masterpiece that brings out all the Barry White tones in Rudi’s voice.

You Are Love – Rudi Wilburn (Nigel Lowis Satin Soul mix) – on DSG will be released on 6th Nov 2015.