DELFONIC is the musical alter ego of Markus Lindner, a Berlin-based DJ, producer and mixer. We have no idea if his working moniker has anything to do with The Delfonics but his people say that he has “a zeal for the groove that is unquestionable, seamlessly blending genres drawing from his hip-hop roots.” They add that “his unconventional DJ approach, open-minded music taste, and flawless flow have made him a crowd favourite”.

You can check those claims via his latest offering – his contemporary mix of dear Roy Ayers’ ‘What’s The T?’. The funky little workout first surfaced (we think) in 2020 on a compilation of previously unissued Ayers  tracks from the late 70s. It was  real growler with a rock solid bass line from  William Allen and the toughest of beats from Bernard Purdie. The fierce vocals are Merry Clayton’s! On the new mix Mr Delfonic retains all the essential elements but gives things a contemporary twist. It’s quite mesmerising and out now (digitally at the moment) via bbe Music.

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