ROOT AND GROOVE ELEMENT are a London-based soulful threesome. The trio are – singer COCO MALONE, record dealer and collector FIBONACHI SCALES (aka PORTOBELLO DAVE) and guitarist/music producer NICK PHILIPS. They’ve just released four mighty fine tracks as a double 7″ single. In the old days that would have been known as an EP – so the band have simply called the set ‘EP1’.

The opening cut – ‘Whatever Happened To Honesty’ is redolent of the early Acid Jazz scene… there’s a lot of ‘Apparently Nothing’ going on in there. There’s more of the same on ‘Moving On’ … bright and breezy. ‘Sunshine’- as the title implies – is a laid back affair with echoes of ROY AYERS about it, while ‘Soul Food’ is the EP’s toughest track – again though the feel’s early 80s.

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