Who said the art of romance is dead? Well not Detroit muso and artist DAROLD GHOLSTON, that’s for sure. Back in 2009, Gholston had a life changing experience. While working out with some friends in a gym he was hit in the left eye with a ball…the velocity and impact was such that Darold was left with just 10 per cent vision in the left eye and his world crumbled. His ability to paint and draw was in jeopardy.

However with a new inner strength he fought the disability, realizing the importance of the aphorism “to whom much is given, much is required”. Yes, he knew he had a problem, a disability… but he was determined to carry on with what he called his “second chance“.

He continued to paint and draw and to complement his work he decided to make a musical album that reflected his romantic vision – he wanted the music to take listeners back to the old style of romance and so with a team of friends from the Detroit musical community he started putting ‘The Art Of Romance’ together…. And the 11 tracker’s just become available.

The music’s a smooth blend of vocals and instrumentals that comes on like a mix of Barry White, Philly sweet soul and the lusher sounds of Quincy Jones circa ‘Q’s Juke Joint’.

Michael Hanna takes lead vocal on four great songs – of which ‘Love Vows’ stands out, while of the instrumentals the piano-led ‘Perfect 10’ is outstanding… great keys from Charles Scales.

Gholson hopes that the music will take couples “on a journey that unlocks their true feelings toward each other. To remind them of why they’re in a relationship in the first place and discover reasons to stay in love.”

All romantics out there can discover more @