Though he’s something of a soul veteran, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter ROGER HILL is only now working on his debut album, due “soon”. We’re told that the long player will be credited to ROGERHILL MUSIC (yes, no gap, not a typo!)

To promote the set, Rog’s  released (we think) three singles including a duet with Cherrelle, ‘All The Love’ (which some sources suggest is no longer available) and now he’s launching another new tune, a sweet and tender ballad, ‘I Will Love You’ – but you could have guessed that from the title. Most commentators suggest there is a definite Isley Brothers’ feel to this one and I would humbly concur. That’s not a criticism though. Indeed what better role models could you have than the boys? The message in the music is “about telling your significant other that you’ll always love them to the fullest when you are with them to make the relationship everlasting” and Mr H’s delivery brings just the right amount of sensuality to match the sentiment.

ROGERHILL MUSIC’S ‘I Will Love You’  is released on July 7th