Last autumn the savvy soulful house community took flight with the pulsing ‘Rocket Love’. The tune was the work of Good Vibrations entrepreneur/producer/mixer SEAN McCABE and DANNIS WINSTON… a rising New York soul man and one time protégé of soul great Jean Carn. Sleeve readers would have noted too that the song was co-authored by Mood II Swing producer Lem Springsteen.

Now as we all know, you can’t keep a good soulful house tune down… so, voila… here come the ‘Rocket Love’ remixes. No lesser a maestro than LOUIE VEGA has taken the tune and reworked it in his own unique way… two tweaks in fact with little to choose between them. The Master at Work has added a classy piano (from regular collaborator Axel Tosca) and a warm new bassline by Gene Perez. Wisely he’s kept the tasty trumpet solo from Mega Musick.