Back in May, Cool Million/Sed Soul’s ROB HARDT “shocked” some of his followers when he released a rap track – ‘Good Time For A Good Time’. The old school rhyming came  courtesy of young US rapper Julisa who brought  real positivity and joy to the track. Sadly, the release divided the contemporary soul community – many of whom write off hip-hop/rap without even giving it a proper listen! Good old Rob wasn’t bothered . He told us that he loves the power of rap combined with super funky music and positive lyrics and he also admitted that he’d missed hip hop for a long time, so he went on to create fresh mixes of his ‘Good Time For A Good Time’ – some were espoused by the broader minded; the “conservatives”, of course,  gave them a wide berth… their loss!

Well Rob’s just released a new album  named for the track ‘Good Time For A Good Time’ and yes, that  tune is the set’s focus cut – and wait for it, the 13 tracker has more hip-hop… two  fresh grooves. First  there’s ‘Where Do We Go From here’ with input from Mr Maph who’s also there on the more energetic ‘Weekend’ (David A Tobin on vocals too).

If you want what we might  call more conventional Sed Soul sounds there are plenty – like the David A Tobin fronted ‘Brought Up’, ‘Makes No Sense’ with Ms Farina and the lovely ‘Be With You’’ which has ever-dependable Andre Espeut on vocals.

Courting more controversy, Rob has included four cuts which he labels “R&B”. They include ‘Be Alright’ and ‘Tell Me What You Want’ (both featuring Manasseh Telsumbini Mashi) and a quite lovely ‘Is This Love’ featuring Jai. Even the conservative soul crowd should investigate  – good tunes all of ‘em.

However, I don’t think Mr Hardt’s that bothered. He tells us that he made the songs for himself and he knows too that criticism and financial failures require you to have a  thick skin but, aged 55, he adds that those things are no  longer so important to him  and now he’s focused on the good things and good people in his  life. Amen to that brother – but, please, keep the music coming! This great, varied  album’s out now via Sed Soul!