The super-lovely ROBIN McKELLE continues to tour and wow audiences (chiefly in France… lucky French!) with her powerful and sensual take on modern soul. In the meantime one of the key tracks on her excellent ‘Heart Of Memphis’ album, ‘Control Yourself’, has just been made available in a stunning new remix.

The remixer is none other than Hungarian maestro Peter Major – known to soul and dance connoisseurs as OPOLOPO! Robin liked Opolopo as soon as she heard his work with the Gregory Porter tunes and allowing him to tweak ‘Control Yourself’ was the logical conclusion.

The result? Well what was already an excellent soul groove has just become even better. A tad faster, the new mix is a perfect modern soul artefact and my guess is that when soul folk are drawing up their “best of 2014” song lists, this one will be right there up at the top.