The jury’s out on whether a covers album is a good career move; yet despite misgivings many artists feel the need to do one (a covers collection that is!). Latest soul man to go down the covers road is (Andrew) ROACHFORD.

We’re told that the man with the lusty pipes is currently putting together the final touches to his set of soul covers, and we wait expectantly for the results promised in March.

In the meantime the label have leaked two keys cuts – versions of Bill Wither’s ‘Grandma’s Hands’ and Sly Stone’s ‘Family Affair’. Both are crisp and appealing and Andrew’s lost none of that convincing soul attack. The good news, though is that Mr R has allowed the SOULTALK crew to remix the Sly chestnut and their tweak on ‘Family Affair’ is a itself a wondrous affair – just on the Soulful side of Soulful House… embellished with some crazy jazz piano.

We believe that there are Metlife and DJ Spen mixes on the way too but they’ll have to go some to match the quality of the Soultalk remix.