TONY MOMRELLE is one of the hardest working men in the UK soul business! An acclaimed solo artist in his own right, he’s worked with all kinds of people – from the legendary Earth Wind and Fire to Sade and, of course, Incognito. Then there’s Tony’s wonderful work with Reel People and his recent collaboration with Ralf Gum.

At the moment, he’s concentrating on his own career with the very imminent (March 1st) launch of his latest single – an energized 70s flavoured ‘Rising Up’ . It’s a funky old beater, stuffed with brass breaks that ride over complex rhythms. Then of course there’s that remarkable voice…. a little Donny H, a little Stevie W but one hundred per cent Tony M!

Tony says: “Rising up is a song about shaking off the old and embracing the new, letting go of things, situations & even people that may hold you back. It’s a song for the soul, a song of self realisation.” He also tells us that the single is the debut release on his own record label, Vibe 45 Records, which will also release the parent album.