THE GRAVY TRAIN TRIO are an intense and powerful jazz/funk combo from Cambridge. They are guitarist Justin Dwyer, organ grinder Hugh Birkenhead and drummer Ian Griffith. To help you understand where they’re coming from Justin describes his guitar as “screaming”, Hugh’s organ is “filthy” (ooh matron!) while Ian’s drums are just “noisy”.

Hear that wild combination in full flow on the band’s eponymous album – an 8 tracker of (largely) hard, driving jazz/funk with just a hint of soul-jazz about it – especially in the guitar parts which at times recall the sound of Grant Green; though elsewhere the eclecticism is right off John Schofield’s palette while at times the template is Jimmy Page’s (try ‘Led Funk’)

With titles like ‘Funky Ass Tea’ and ‘Meat Juice’ you know you’re in for a powerful trip, though the more sedate ‘Angela’ offers some sweet respite.

Find out more @ www.facebook.com/GravyTrainTrio/