One of the nicest surprises of recent months has been the resurgence of one of Brit soul’s greatest tunes – OLA ONABULE’S ‘Soul Town’. The song first surfaced in 2005 and went on to become a soul connoisseurs’ favourite.

Earlier this year the DSG label resurrected the song and in CW, Nigel Lowis and Mike Maurro remixes the always emotive tune topped all credible soul charts. Now Ola and his song are set for more chart action via a remarkable new remix courtesy of the Drizabone team.

The Drizabone crew enjoy a unique role in Brit soul hagiography and everything they work on seems to have an irresistible, dance-friendly and catchy ear-worm kind of flavour. With so many classy remixes going before, it’s hard to believe that ‘Soul Town’ could be improved further…. but Drizabone have trumped everything that’s gone before creating a future modern soul classic that’s already winning regular airplay.

The new Drizabone version of Ola’s ‘Soul Town’ is officially released on May 25th on DSG Records.