HARMONY are a modern gospel group working throughout Mississippi. More than that, it’s hard to say. They don’t have a website and other diligent internet searches don’t turn up anything significant. They are, though, promoting a new album called ‘Restored’… and even that’s confusing. The cover picture shows HARMONY to be a four piece but the inside shots reveal a quintet… yet the brief sleeve notes say that there are seven members of HARMONY – LARRY WILLIAMS SNR, JERMEL WILLIAMS, LARRY WILLIAMS JR, ZYNPHTHIA WILLIAMS, JOSHUA WILLIAMS, BARBARA WILLIAMS and WHITNEY NELSON.

Confusing… yes, but there’s no confusion about their music. HARMONY produce a great modern gospel sound full of passion and commitment and rooted on soul grooves. ‘Praise His Name’ is a big, feel-good opener and ‘You Got To Move’ is another uplifting modern soul tune. ‘He’ll Answer My Prayer’ is an old school, call-and-response gospel anthem while ‘I Don’t Mind’ is another more traditional number complete with classic end-phrase gospel harmonies. Best of the ballads is the stirring ‘My Life In God’s Hands’. If modern, soulful gospel is you’re thing, internet portals like CD Baby will allow you to investigate.