LUKAS SETTO is making quite a name for himself in his latest incarnation. (He’s previously worked as Lee Henry and Jadan Lee as well as using the remixer moniker Tru Menace). His songs ‘What Turns You On’ and ‘OMG Oh My Gosh’ have been chart riders,…. indeed the former hit the top spot! If early reaction is anything to go by, his latest outing is set to follow the same trajectory!

That latest offering is his musical reaction to what’s going on right now. Written by the singer with his usual collaborator, Michael Daley, ‘Lockdown’ (the newie) is actually a far cry from how many see the lockdown. Lukas’s ‘Lockdown’ is an uplifting mid-tempo soulful groove with a 90s flavour. It offers some optimism (god knows we all could do with some!) for these tricky times. It’s out now.