Long lasting UK label, DOME continues its programme of reissuing key catalogue material in either its original format or in new mixes.

The label’s latest reissue is a four track EP from South Wales hip hop trio DNA. The mini album is being put out again in its original 1999 format and the sound of the record is a little different to Dome’s signature modern soul vibe but the Dome boss, Peter Robinson, was (indeed is) always open to new ideas and sounds – hence his decision to release a hip-hop record!

Conservative soul  fans will, of course, throw up their hand in horror and give this reissue a wide berth – but that’s their problem.

For the record the EP, ‘Remember The Times’ is a satisfying late 90s musical artefact  and a tribute to the often overlooked quality of Brit rap. All four tracks were written produced and played by Derief-Paul Johnson and Marcus Dacosta and feature the atmospheric vocals of Nadia Darbi. And , yes, it is a hip-hop set but each track delivers a great soul groove. For instance, ‘In the Summertime’ is a tight and tasty dancer with a sweet soul vocal from Ms Darbi. There is a little Snoop Doogs style rapping but I’d recommend at least investigating. Indeed all four cuts offer plenty – you just need to broaden your minds!